Private Number Plates For Sale

Private plates for sale are usually sold independently of cars. You can sell your private registration to anyone who is interested, or use a specialist dealer. Be sure not to share the V750 and V778 documents with anyone else, as it could jeopardise your rights to use the number. For more information, visit the DVLA website. You can find full details of private number plates, including how to obtain them. It is also important to report the number plate whenever you sell or transfer your vehicle.

Buying Private Number Plates Has Many Benefits

Before you can remove your private registration from your vehicle, you need to make an application to the DVLA. You can apply online, by mail, or in person. The process of removing private plates is similar to applying for new car registration. You must have a V5C registration certificate to do so. This certificate is needed to show that the number plate you are trying to remove belongs to you. The DVLA will charge you PS80 for the service, and you must be sure that the plate is registered to you.

Private number plates are not free, so you’ll need to find a supplier that will give you the private registration you want. The DVLA will usually hold auctions a few times a year. Alternatively, you can find private number plate dealers online. Private number plates are only available for mainland Great Britain and Northern Ireland, so vehicles registered on the Isle of Man are not eligible for private number plates. A private number plate will cost you a few pounds – around £50 – but it is definitely worth it!

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