Garage Door Installation – How to Remove an Old Door

Before starting a new garage door installation, make sure that you know how to remove the old one. To prevent damage to your garage, do not use the same door you removed in the past. To avoid damaging your garage door, follow the steps below. If you have ever installed a door yourself, you should know how to avoid any mistakes and avoid the pitfalls that can be made during the process. Here are some tips to make the process easier for you.

Measure the width and height of the opening for your garage door. Measure the rough opening to ensure you have enough space for it. If you’re installing a vertical track, you’ll need three-thirds of the door’s width. To install a standard extension or torsion spring, you’ll need about five-and-a-half inches of sideroom. You can do this yourself with a pliers or a drill.

Make sure you have all the right pieces of hardware before you begin your garage door installation. You’ll also need two additional pieces of hardware if you plan to install a garage door opener. You’ll need a support strut and opener bracket. Be sure to release the torsion springs if you plan to use one. You can also install an insulated glass panel if you live in a cold climate. This type of door requires more hardware than a standard garage door.

Some companies will charge you more if the door is particularly heavy. In addition, you may need an electrician to install a garage opener. An electrician will cost you around $40-$120 an hour plus the cost of the light. This can add another $200 to $500 to your overall project. When you hire a garage door installation professional, you’ll be guaranteed a quality product and a warranty for the work. These are two important factors to consider.

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