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Online Marketing Pain PointOnline Marketing Pain Point

In online marketing, lead generation is the initial stimulation of enquiry or consumer interest in products or services of an enterprise. Leads can also be generated for specific purposes like e-newsletters, email list acquisition, direct mail list generation or for bulk sales lead generation. The internet is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of lead generation. Internet leads can generally be classified into two broad categories based on their geographical location: internet leads generated by search engines and internet leads generated by third parties.

Old School Lead Generation Marketing

Lead generation has been effectively integrated with the concept of online marketing and there are many companies that use the concept to give prospects information about the products and services offered by an enterprise. A lead generation process usually starts by building a targeted list of targeted leads. This targeted list is called a “funnel”. The process then involves the accumulation of all the related data that are needed to be converted into leads (e.g., demographics, interests, purchasing habits, etc.).

In order to make a sale, marketers need to have the ability to convert leads into actual customers. In many ways, this is the true “pain point” for most marketers. The process of lead generation has evolved over time and there are many new techniques that have been developed to ensure a high rate of success. However, some of the methods that work best for some people are not effective for other people. The goal is to find out which techniques work best for you.