Non destructive excavation sydney

non destructive excavation sydney

Nondestructive Excavation is the use of technology, equipment and professional skills to assess a site before undertaking a building project. This will enable any potentially problematic areas to be identified and removed prior to foundation work, plumbing or electrical work taking place, as well as any underground piping or utilities. If the site is below the ground level then excavation can be undertaken with equipment that is remotely controlled allowing for very precise positioning. If the project requires access down to the subsoil or if it is required to remove any sewage, storm water runoff or flooding from above ground, then access can be made using equipment that has been specifically designed for this purpose. The types of nondestructive Excavation equipment that can be used include Geotechnical Excavation, Carpet and Liners, Stencils and Paint Schemes, Drifts, Trenchers, Trowels, bulldozers, and Level Dumpers.


During a typical excavation Sydney builders will encounter many obstacles underground, such as drainage networks, iron pipe and utility lines, pipes, sprinklers, manholes and retaining walls. Once an area has been defined it is typically followed by preparation and staging. Surrounding areas will then be surveyed to identify any problematic structures that may need to be removed. Once all structures have been removed, the space is usually shoveled and cleared away to prepare for new construction. Once all pre-existing structures have been removed and all solid surfaces have been cleaned and sanitized then foundations can commence.


With a focus on building conservation a team of experts including engineers, geotechnical consultants and contractors are often utilised to manage non destructive excavation Sydney projects. When undertaking a project it is important to establish whether your chosen company has the necessary accreditations and experience to perform the work you require. As with most construction tasks, hiring an experienced company with a strong record of success can go a long way towards ensuring your building project is completed to your expectations. In addition to hiring a professional company with proven track records, it is also important to hire a reputable and reliable contractor who is familiar with both pre-digging and post-digging techniques. This knowledge should prove invaluable throughout your building project to make sure your foundations are well protected from future problems and potential flooding and soil erosion.

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